Monday, January 18, 2010

3 baby squirrels fell out of their nest in my backyard, what do I do?

Since I got home from the store, I heard little squealing coming from a tree past a small fence in my backyard, which was at 2 today. A couple hours later, I wanted to know what it was. I stood by my fence, and saw a nest. I then saw something small-the size of a rat- fall out of it. I'm an animal lover, so I freaked out. I grabbed a plastic bag and used it as a glove, and climbed over my fence, picked up the what I now knew was a baby squirrel, so young that its eyes were shut and it had no teeth. my dad put it in a bucket with a coat under neath it, and then I heard more squealing. I went back and found another baby! So I picked it up, and put it in the bucket with the 1st baby. An animal nurse told us to put them in a shoe box with a towel, and put it as close to the tree as possible. We did that, and I've been checking on them. Then, we heard more squealing, so I went back into the forest to check out what it was and found yet another baby! I put it into the shoe box with the others. It is now 8:30, and the mother hasn't return. We think the mother might have been killed by a coyote, cat, dog, etc. I decided if the mom still isn't there by late tonight, we're taking the babies and we're gonna try and feed them milk through a droplet thing, but the thing is what type of milk? Any other suggestions for food? And in the morning, we're gonna take them to a place where people will take care of them.

I just need to know what to do.3 baby squirrels fell out of their nest in my backyard, what do I do?
The same thing happened to me. We kept the squirrel for the night and early in the morning we sat it out and the mother came up and snatched him! The night we had him we gave him fruit flavored Gatorade.

Good luck! Hope this helps. baby squirrels fell out of their nest in my backyard, what do I do?
Here you are.Good luck.鈥?/a>
animals services they will take them if you don't to care for them yourself
i think u should take it 2 the vet so they can put a tag on it and they can give it a home.
If you know where the nest is, put them back. The whole ';the mom will smell you on them'; thing is a complete myth. You won't necessarily see mom come back, so don't assume that just because you don't, she hasn't been there.

If you really and truly believe that she isn't coming back, then you need to call your local Animal Control or exotic vet and get the number for a wildlife rescue. You aren't knowledgeable in caring for orphaned wildlife, and they'd be much better off with someone more experienced. I know a lot of people want to take care of cute, tiny, adorable baby squirrels, but the truth is they're wild and will not come to see you as their mommy. Squirrels are feral, and the moment they open their eyes they'll start acting it. I've seen squirrels raised from infancy, and they never become tame. Also, depending on where you live, it's illegal to try and keep wild animals captive.

Call a wildlife rehab center.

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