Monday, January 18, 2010

Do squirrels make a nest in the trees?

I want to know does the squirrels make their nest in tree for the new born babiesDo squirrels make a nest in the trees?
Yes. A squirrels nest can look much like a birds nest, but usually in a groin rather than on a branch.Do squirrels make a nest in the trees?
Yes its a dome shaped nest made of twigs and lined with leafs, it look similar to a magpies nest.
Don't they live in the tree rather then on the tree...
Yes they do. The nest that you see up in the tree is called a ';drey.'; They are typically made out of small twigs, leaves and other leaf-like materials. The interior of the nest is made soft by use of fur or other soft material and are usually located in the top third of a tree. Squirrels will also build a ';den'; inside the cavity of a tree. They usually use old woodpecker holes or other cavities that occur naturally in some trees over time.
Yes they do. It's a round affair with a sort of roof of sticks. It's called a dray.
Yes! We used to have a squirrel nest in one of our trees.
yes they can... A squirrels nest is made up of lots of dead leaves.. it will be big and round. they will also use a hollow tree.. or like when part of the tree is hollow.. they will make a nest in there... squirrels make several nests.. they have summer nests called dreys. and then they have their winter nests.. which are bigger and more secure. also when one nest gets flea infested.. they will move to another.. squirrels also nest in peoples attics or in barns or sheds. basically the safest place they can find.. they will nest there. ;)
more likely in your loft!!! cute little buggers!
they tend to find hole`s in tree`s to make nest`s but it`s not like a bird`s nest.
Yes, they do. And your in the wrong catagorie, you should be in Pets-General, not Birds.
They can make their nests in trees and often do. They will take any port in a storm that offers free rent. Squirrels are bad about making nests inside the attics of houses, if they can find a way up and in.

I have bunches and bunches of squirels around my house as I live against the woods. Unfortunately, one or more have taken up residence in the attic in the roof. They will damage the insulation and possibly chew the wiring causing a fire hazard.

In the U.S. There is about one or two spots which have albino squirrels, these are protected by law and kind of rare. There is also a black squirel.
yes squirrels do make nest in trees and there nest are very similar to bird nests the only way you can tell its a squirrels nest is by consistently viewing squirrels climing up the tree into the nest
Yes they do.We saw our first RED squirrel ever on the Isle of Wight just before Easter!Sooooooooooo cute!
UR MOM!!%26lt;3333

Duhh u retard,,y do u think that squirrels go in trees?!?!

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